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From Duane

"Before I started going to Dr. Forbach in July of 1988, my parents took my to a chiropractor in Kansas City from the time I was 5 years old in 1972." Duane has been a long-term loyal patient with our practice throughout his life. Duane's grandmother was also a patient of Dr. Forbach from 1986-1998. Needless to say, Duane has her to thank for introducing him to Dr. Forbach and becoming a part of the Lionsgate Chiropractic family. 

From Kelsey 

"I have had problems with TMJ for as long as I can remember. Providers in the past have told me there is nothing they could to help and it was something I would just have to deal with. I have tried customized mouthgaurds, muscle relaxers, heating pads and even stretches to try and alleviate discomfort. Nothing helped. I was referred to Lionsgate Chiropractic and let me tell you, I have never had something work so quickly and effectively! Since seeing both Dr. Smith and Dr. Forbach, I have not had the pain, tightness, or discomfort that I had experienced before. I would absolutely recommend this practice for any and all TMJ discomfort." -patient since 2021

From Vicki

"A month ago, I stood up from working at my home computer for a couple of hours and felt intense pain in my lower back. I could barely walk after that. I also felt pain and a pulling sensation down my right leg. Everything I did was painful- walking, sitting and lying down for an extended period of time. I used a heating pad and got some relief, but then the pain quickly returned. After seeing me suffer for a few days, my co-worker recommended that I see her chiropractor, Dr. Forbach. I was hesitant at first, having never been to a chiropractor before. I put off making an appointment thinking it was just sore muscles and it would eventually get better. However, the pain became more than I could bear. I could not move without pain. I was even having my 4-year-old son help me put my socks and shoes on because I could not bend over. On my first visit to Dr. Forbach, I told him that I was expecting a miracle from him. After performing a comprehensive exam with x-rays, Dr. Forbach started a treatment plan for me. Apparently I was pretty messed up, he even suspected a bulging or herniated disk. I was terrified that I might need to undergo surgery in order to get relief from the pain. I am extremely happy to say that after just 7 visits to Dr. Forbach I feel relatively no pain at all. The pain radiating down my right leg is completely gone. I only have a little stiffness after sitting at my desk for an extended period of time. Dr. Forbach was able to give me that miracle I was looking for with a completely noninvasive treatment."

From Carolyn

"For at least a decade, I experienced muscle spasms in my shoulders that caused headaches beginning at the base of my skull and radiating up over the top of my head and into the muscles surrounding my eyes. Typically, they affected only the side of my head that corresponded to the shoulder with the spasm. My medical doctor prescribed muscle relaxers, which, with heat, worked but sometimes only after several days since I could only take the tablets at night because they made me so drowsy. Finally, a friend suggested that I see Dr. Forbach. On my first visit, the release of the tightened muscles between my shoulder blades and my spine was almost immediate and very detectable. After two additional visits and using a softer pillow, my headaches ceased, and I have been virtually headache free for the past 2 years. I think that, over the years, I had simply come to believe that these headaches were going to be with me the rest of my life. Looking back, I only wish I had sought additional help sooner!"

From Wade

"In the spring of 2004, I began having unexplained pain in my neck and left shoulder. I saw various doctors including orthopedic surgeons and, while I was never fully diagnosed, degenerative arthritis was suggested. These doctors suggested various medications and even surgery for my pain, but would not commit that the surgery could alleviate the pain. In June, I received a cortisone injection to my neck and received little relief and, in fact, the pain was back and even more severe by August. In August, the pain became debilitating and the only relief came through strong medication which basically kept me knocked out. In late August, I received two more cortisone shots to the neck which brought enough relief so that I was mobile but still unable to work or play with my kids. In September, a friend of my wife recommended that I see Dr. Forbach. After approximately 6 visits, I began to see visible results. I could stand upright and hold my head straight without pain. I have now received about 15 treatments from Dr. Forbach and am virtually pain free. I skied in Colorado recently with my family- an activity I thought I would never enjoy again. I am so appreciative of the care I received from Dr. Forbach and of the fact that I am now pain free with no surgery or medication involved!!!!

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